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1. What are the advantages of participating in a clinical study?
2. How do you find out about clinical studies?
3. How does the FDA approve medications?
4. What questions should I ask before I agree to participate in a clinical study?
5. What does informed consent mean?
6. How are clinical study participants protected?
7. Where are clinical studies conducted?
8. What happens in a clinical study?
9. Why should I consider getting involved in a clinical study?
10. Will I be paid for taking part in a clinical study?
11. How safe are clinical studies?
12. What procedures are involved in clinical study participation?
13. Can women participate in clinical studies?
14. How long do clinical studies last?
15. Will I be tested for nicotine, alcohol and recreational drug use?
16. Will I be tested for HIV? 
17. What do I need to do in order to be considered for a clinical study?
18. What happens at a clinical study screening?
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