Brett is a student at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in Graphic Design, currently on summer break. This is his first time volunteering in a clinical trial.

What made you decide to participate in a study? 
I tried to get a summer internship and nothing panned out. I had heard about Quintiles from some friends at school and decided to participate as an alternative to a summer job. I will be making more in 21/2 weeks here than I did all last summer. 

What did you know about Quintiles and clinical research before participating?
Mainly what had heard from friends. I did a lot of research on the internet about clinical research and Quintiles before I decided to volunteer; I wanted to make sure that it was a legit operation. After I passed screening and they told me what kind of medication that I would be taking I also researched that to find out side effects and what other research had been done. I found a lot of material on the internet and felt very well informed coming in to the study.

What are your overall feelings about Quintiles? 
It's a nice environment. The staff is very friendly and they take good care of everyone. Participating has also reinforced that I am a healthy person. I like to think be healthy, stay healthy.

Brett- Kansas City, Missouri

What made you first participate in a clinical research study?
Well, I needed extra money for a vacation and I thought it would be a great way to help out with study medications. I’m also helping people as well as helping myself.

Were you nervous the first time you did a study?
I was actually nervous but as soon as I got here I felt really comfortable. The staff is very friendly and very welcoming and they’re just really awesome. It’s a great place to be.

What is your favorite thing about Quintiles?
The staff, the staff is the most amazing part about it. They make the time go by so fast. They are just so friendly and great to be around. They make me laugh and it’s a very welcoming environment.

What do you want to say about Quintiles?
Do a study. Experience a good atmosphere with friendly people and make extra money.

Andrew- Kansas City, MO

What’s been your favorite part of participating in a study at Quintiles?
It’s the staff and I’ve made friends with other people doing the studies. It makes the time go very smoothly.

What would you as a volunteer, want to say to potential volunteers?
Come and apply, the staff helps you out with everything. There are studies for everyone; you just need to find one that works for you.

How would you describe Quintiles in one sentence? Quintiles is a place with a caring staff and remarkable studies that help everyone in the long run.

Jana- Lawrence, KS
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